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  • Who can take part in the campaign?
    Only plumbers can register products and thus secure a 5-year guarantee.
  • Which products can be registered?
    We grant a 5-year guarantee for the standard pumps of the U3, U5, U6 series and all Compli sewage lifting units of the 100 - 1000 series.
  • When does the quality offensive, the main thing young, start?
    The products included in the promotion can only be registered if they have been installed from the installation date October 2017.
  • For example, what about a double system U6 with the accessories (ball immersion switch, controller, etc.). Are these accessories also included in the warranty? "
    No, the warranty only covers the pumps and no accessories.
  • What about special versions (U3K special) or sets (Flutbox, Hebefix Plus, drainage sets, etc.) in which the standard pumps are installed? Do these pumps also fall under the extended warranty?"
    No, only the standard version of our products.
  • Are the products marked accordingly in the packaging?
    Yes, each product included in the promotion has a product tag attached on which the installing HVAC installer can note the serial number and product name, or register directly on the website by scanning the QR code.So in the start-up phase (end of 2017 and beginning of 2018) it is possible that products that were stored at wholesalers do not yet have a product label. Of course, our extended warranty promise also applies to these products from the installation date of October 2017, as far as they are standard products (see above).
  • As an end customer, can I also register the pumps I have installed?
    No, the guarantee is only addressed to the installer and only he will receive the guarantee certificate after registration.
  • How can I register my pumps?
    To do this, the purchased pumps must be regsiter on this website: In addition to the product designation and serial number, the contact details of the SHK company must be entered.
  • What costs are included in the guarantee?
    Outside the statutory warranty (after 2 years), only the hardware (pump / lifting unit) will be replaced if there are defects for which we are responsible due to design, manufacturing or material errors. Wear, tear and lack of maintenance and the consequences thereof are not covered by this warranty. This means that removal and installation costs (including customer services) are subject to a charge.
  • What do I get after registering online?
    After successful registration, you will receive a guarantee certificate by e-mail, which you should keep in your documents.
  • What to do in the event of a complaint during the 5-year guarantee period?
    The guarantee is always in writing to Jung Pumpen, Industriestr. 4-6, 33803 Steinhagen. The guarantee service requires that a proper purchase receipt and the guarantee certificate are presented and the guarantee claim is made within the respective guarantee period.
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